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Development is the fourth cornerstone of our organization. In our opinion, every man, organization or company are in constant state of obtaining new knowledge. Today’s world and the complexity of problems demands persistent improvement.  Henceforth, this aspect of our mission is extremely important for us. We take actions which aim to support individuals in developing their initiatives.

Ilus Strategia



Within the scope of this subject we realize following targets:





Promotion of active and enterprising inhabitants of Peczelice and surrounding areas;





Support and advice with regard to production of new local products from rural areas. Market researches for new products. Introduction to the market and sale;






Promotion of local and regional products from rural areas, marketing activities, development of networks supporting the sale of local products;






Promotion and supporting of local agricultural producers by simplification of access to new markets, marketing and consulting services, supporting and creating of new local brands of fruit, promotion and advertising of fruit from Busko region;






Organization of fares and exhibitions of local and regional products;






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